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BEACON - Beach Advisory and Closing On-line Notification
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  What is BEACON?

  What type of data is available?


BEACON is EPA's BEach Advisory and Closing Online Notification system. BEACON is EPA's application to make state beach advisory and closing data available to the public.

EPA created BEACON to meet the Agency's Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health (BEACH) Act requirements. The BEACH Act (section 406(e)) requires EPA to make a national coastal recreation water pollution occurrence database, which contains state reported beach monitoring and notification data available to the public by electronic means.

In BEACON, each beach is geographically displayed on a map that links the beach to data. Users select a beach and view the available data for that beach by either first by choosing a state and county or typing the beach name.

What kind of information can I find using BEACON?

        For each beach, there is information on:

  • contact information
  • monitoring and notification program information
  • general beach characteristics
  • advisories and closings
  • location data
Where can I view this information??

        Start with the National Map and select a state or type a beach name.

Where can I access the data?

        Data is displayed for each beach at the local beach level. For the most up-to-date information contact the state or local beach         manager.

What is the design structure of BEACON?

        BEACON pulls data from 2 EPA databases, PRAWN and RAD.

  • PRAWN is the PRogram tracking, beach Advisories, Water quality standards, and Nutrients database. PRAWN stores beach advisory and closing data.
  • RAD is the Reach Address Database that stores location data. The beach location data is stored in RAD and displayed in BEACON as a map.




All beach data which is displayed on BEACON was made available to EPA by the states. Beach data was submitted to EPA either as a BEACH Act Grants requirement or voluntarily through the National Health Protection Survey of Beaches.

The BEACH Act Grants (see section 406(b)) require coastal and Great Lakes states submit coastal beach monitoring and notification data to EPA.

All other beach data (non-coastal recreation waters such as inland lakes and rivers) is voluntarily submitted to EPA through the annual Beach Survey.

States submit beach data including:

  • contact information
  • monitoring and notification program information
  • general beach characteristics
  • advisory and closing data
  • location data
If you have any questions about state or local beach data, direct all inquiries to the designated state or local beach manager or contact.


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