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Other Treatment


Other treatment includes a wide variety of treatment practices. Other treatment captures performance data associated with treatment processes not already contained in the TDB, but for which applicable performance data was available. In more specific terms, the treatment processes in the other treatment category are almost entirely in an experimental stage and are unique enough to not warrant a specific treatment description, e.g., membrane filtration or conventional treatment; however, the literature related to the process is relevant to the contaminant in question and to the purpose of the TDB itself.

Because the other treatment category includes a wide range of treatment processes it is difficult to identify those factors that influence performance for each treatment process described in this category. For every entry in the 'other treatment' category, contaminant influent and effluent concentrations or microbial density and percent removal (or log removal, where applicable) are identified. The scale of the evaluation, as well as the water type, and form of contaminant are not only significant to evaluation of the performance data, but were also determined to likely be available. General water quality parameters, such as pH, temperature, alkalinity, total organic carbon (TOC), ultraviolet absorbance, and turbidity, which are most likely to influence process performance are also provided. Beyond these basic descriptive data, the other treatment information provided includes a text summary of the treatment process evaluated and identifies any specific water quality or operational parameters that influence process performance.

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