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Biological Treatment


Biological treatment removes contaminants in similar mechanism as biological filtration. The mechanisms include biodegradation or reduction, adsorption, and removal of suspended solids. Biological treatment uses technologies such as fluidized bed reactor, biofilm reactor, fixed film reactor, and suspended growth reactor with filter media inoculated with microorganisms. The bioreactors used in biological treatment process can be packed with zero-valent iron fillings or glass beads fillings which are not used in typical biological filtration process.

The conventional treatment overview discusses coagulation, flocculation and clarification preceding biological treatment.

Pretreating the water to prevent media fouling and controlling microbial activity are other important aspects of biological treatment. Lastly, the system must be kept aerobic to avoid taste and odor problems, and proper controls should be implemented to ensure that the oxygen supply is sufficient at all times.

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