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Treatment Process Name Included Processes
Adsorptive Media
Aeration and Air Stripping
Biological Filtration
Biological Treatment
Chemical Treatment
Chlorine Dioxide
Conventional Treatment
Diatomaceous Earth Filtration
Direct Filtration
GAC Isotherm (includes PAC isotherms)
Granular Activated Carbon
Hydrogen Peroxide
Ion Exchange Greensand Filtration
Membrane Filtration Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration
Membrane Separation Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Electrodialysis, and Electrodialysis Reversal
Other Treatment
Ozone + Hydrogen Peroxide
Powdered Activated Carbon
Precipitative Softening
Pressure Filtration Bag Filtration and Cartridge Filtration
Slow Sand Filtration
Ultraviolet Irradiation
Ultraviolet Irradiation + Hydrogen Peroxide
Ultraviolet Irradiation + Ozone