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Welcome to the Drinking Water Treatability Database

Drinking Water The Drinking Water Treatability Database (TDB) presents referenced information on the control of contaminants in drinking water. It allows drinking water utilities, first responders to spills or emergencies, treatment process designers, research organizations, academicians, regulators and others to access referenced information gathered from thousands of literature sources and assembled on one site. Over time, the TDB will expand to include over 200 regulated and unregulated contaminants and their contaminant properties. It includes more than 25 treatment processes used by drinking water utilities. The literature includes bench-, pilot-, and full-scale studies of surface waters, ground waters and laboratory waters. The literature includes peer-reviewed journals and conferences, other conferences and symposia, research reports, theses, and dissertations. By adding new contaminants and by upgrading references on existing contaminants, the TDB will always be a current source of information on drinking water contaminant control. Visit the About the TDB page for more information.

The TDB offers many features leading to the Data tab which is the heart of the TDB. After selecting a contaminant (Find a Contaminant), you will find a Treatment Processes tab that will present the list of treatment processes for which literature on the control of the contaminant was located. Selecting a treatment process, you will find a Data tab, like that shown below, that presents reference information, log or percent removal, water quality conditions and treatment process operational parameters. The Help page will aid you in navigating the TDB.

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(Click on the image to view this Data tab) Arsenic/Ion Exchange Data Tab

Future Upgrades to the Drinking Water Treatability Database

Each year, as resources allow, the number of contaminants in the TDB will increase to include other regulated and unregulated drinking water contaminants. It will also upgrade information on contaminants already in the TDB to keep it current. The bottom of each page indicates when additions and upgrades were last incorporated into the TDB. Each contaminant Overview page indicates the most recent literature search date for the contaminant. View a List of Future Contaminants anticipated for the next upgrade and the anticipated upgrade date.

To provide comments or feedback on the TDB please refer to the Contact Us page.