Bringing Meaning to Data

Data element registry services support the management and use of environmental data maintained in EPA and partner systems.  Use of the services promotes discovery and access of comparable information across EPA thereby facilitating understanding of data.  Data element registry services include automated searching and downloads of critical metadata that allow the names, definitions, and meaning of fields in agency data systems to be displayed and compared.  As such it is a comprehensive, authoritative reference for information about environmental data. It includes:

Data element registry services support the EPA’s business processes and data management by providing access to information about the agency's data assets including its data standards.  These services allow distributed stewardship of data elements, code sets, and standards used in program systems.  Managing the quality of metadata facilitates access to and understanding of environmental information.  

Data element registry services also facilitates the transformation of equivalent data between different representations such as “31” contained in the FIPS 5-2 standard to “NE” contained in the U.S. Postal Service standard to “NB” contained in the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) standard - all meaning the State of Nebraska.

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