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NOTE:  EPA is in the process of collecting and indexing current TMDL Documents. Because this effort is ongoing, the current collection of documents is incomplete.

Enter TMDL Document search terms separated by a comma. EXAMPLE: Entering "Sierra Club" would find all documents that contained the exact phrase "Sierra Club". Entering "Sierra, Club" would find all documents that contained either "Sierra" or "Club".

Tip: Enter a search string in the fields for Pollutant Description, Water Body Name, and/or TMDL Name to find all records in which that search string is contained. Only one string can be searched for in each of these fields.

TMDL Document Search Terms:
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Actual Establishment Date: to
Enter Dates in MM/DD/YYYY format!

* Water Body Type and Method are optional fields and are therefore incompletely populated in the database. By including them in your search you will be limiting the results to records in which these fields are populated.

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