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Pennsylvania Assessment Data for 2006

Assessed Waters of Pennsylvania by Watershed

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NOTE: The data provided in this report differs from the information provided in the original Pennsylvania 2006 Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report. This is a result of differences between the Pennsylvania State assessment database and the summary data provided in Pennsylvania's 2006 Integrated Report, which is available at http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/watersupply/cwp/view.asp?a=1261&q=480056.

Site-specific Targeted Monitoring Summary Results

Pennsylvania (2006)

Description of this table

For the 2006 Integrated Report Cycle, the total assessed waters size is greater than the total waters size for the EPA Waterbody Type Rivers and Streams in Pennsylvania. This discrepancy was identified after the release of the data, and is likely due to the improvements in mapping state waters.

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Summary of Water Quality Assessments for Each Waterbody Type
for Reporting Year 2006

Site-specific Targeted Monitoring Results

Pennsylvania Rivers and Streams 2006

Description of this table

Rivers and Streams

86,033.5 Miles of Rivers and Streams

Assessed 86,033.5
Unassessed .0
Total Miles 86,033.5

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Description of this table

Rivers and Streams

86,033.5 Miles of
Assessed Rivers and Streams

Good 69,686.2
Threatened .0
Impaired 16,347.3
Total Miles Assessed 86,033.5

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Description of this table

Threatened and Impaired
Rivers and Streams

16,347.3 Miles of
Threatened and Impaired
Rivers and Streams

Total Threatened and Impaired 16,347.3

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Site-specific Targeted Monitoring Results

Individual Designated Use Support
Pennsylvania Rivers and Streams 2006

* Waters assessed for more than one designated use are included in multiple designated use groups below.

Description of this table
% Good
% Threatened
% Impaired
Aquatic Life 83,281.2 82.6 .0 17.4 color.gifcolor.gif
Fish Consumption 2,222.2 26.2 .0 73.8 color.gifcolor.gif
Potable Water Supply 267.4 62.5 .0 37.5 color.gifcolor.gif
Recreational 262.6 57.6 .0 42.4 color.gifcolor.gif

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Site-specific Targeted Monitoring Results

Causes of Impairment
Pennsylvania Rivers and Streams 2006

Description of this table
Sedimentation/Siltation Sediment color.gif 7,725.9
Metals Metals (other than Mercury) color.gif 5,163.9
pH pH/Acidity/Caustic Conditions color.gif 2,799.1
Nutrients Nutrients color.gif 2,641.8
Organic Enrichment/Low Dissolved Oxygen Organic Enrichment/Oxygen Depletion color.gif 1,370.2
Water/Flow Variability Flow Alteration(s) color.gif 1,240.5
Cause Unknown Cause Unknown color.gif 1,012.8
Mercury in Water Column Mercury color.gif 936.7
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) color.gif 917.8
Other Habitat Alteration(s) Habitat Alterations color.gif 828.4
Flow Alteration(s) Flow Alteration(s) color.gif 687.2
Solids (Suspended/Bedload) Sediment color.gif 570.1
Turbidity Turbidity color.gif 224.9
Pathogens Pathogens color.gif 189.5
Salinity/Total Dissolved Solids/Chlorides Salinity/Total Dissolved Solids/Chlorides/Sulfates color.gif 182.1
Chlordane Pesticides color.gif 168.8
Excess Algal Growth Algal Growth color.gif 126.7
Unknown Toxicity Total Toxics color.gif 89.4
Temperature, Water Temperature color.gif 81.0
Other Inorganics Toxic Inorganics color.gif 79.7
Priority Organics Compounds Toxic Organics color.gif 58.6
Dioxin (Including 2,3,7,8-TCDD) Dioxins color.gif 40.7
Oil and Grease Oil and Grease color.gif 39.1
Pesticides Pesticides color.gif 32.8
Nonpriority Organics Toxic Organics color.gif 30.0
DO/BOD Temperature Temperature color.gif 27.2
Ammonia, Un-ionized Ammonia color.gif 19.5
Color Taste, Color and Odor color.gif 10.2
Chlorine Chlorine color.gif 8.9
Taste and Odor Taste, Color and Odor color.gif 7.1
Filling and Draining Habitat Alterations color.gif 5.4
Noxious Aquatic Plants Noxious Aquatic Plants color.gif 5.0

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Site-specific Targeted Monitoring Results

Probable Sources
Pennsylvania Rivers and Streams 2006

Description of this table
Abandoned Mine Drainage Resource Extraction color.gif 5,593.1
Agriculture Agriculture color.gif 3,946.7
Source Unknown Unknown color.gif 2,173.7
Urban Runoff/Storm Sewers Urban-Related Runoff/Stormwater color.gif 2,032.1
Grazing Related Agric Agriculture color.gif 902.9
Road Runoff Urban-Related Runoff/Stormwater color.gif 812.0
Small Residential Runoff Urban-Related Runoff/Stormwater color.gif 715.3
Crop Related Agric Agriculture color.gif 633.4
Habitat Modification - Other Than Hydromodification Habitat Alterations (Not Directly Related To Hydromodification) color.gif 578.6
Municipal Point Source Discharges Municipal Discharges/Sewage color.gif 414.4
Removal Of Vegetation Habitat Alterations (Not Directly Related To Hydromodification) color.gif 389.4
Atmospheric Deposition Atmospheric Deposition color.gif 370.1
Other Other color.gif 326.3
Channelization Hydromodification color.gif 318.0
Streambank Modifications/Destablization Hydromodification color.gif 263.8
On Site Wastewater Industrial color.gif 205.0
Erosion From Derelict Land (Barren Land) Hydromodification color.gif 190.9
Industrial Point Source Discharge Industrial color.gif 188.5
Land Development Construction color.gif 186.7
Construction Construction color.gif 182.6
Natural Sources Natural/Wildlife color.gif 181.1
Upstream Impoundments (E.G., Pl-566 Nrcs Structures) Hydromodification color.gif 150.9
Surface Mining Resource Extraction color.gif 122.2
Flow Regulation/Modification Hydromodification color.gif 117.3
Hydromodification Hydromodification color.gif 87.9
Combined Sewer Overflows Municipal Discharges/Sewage color.gif 86.8
Subsurface (Hardrock) Minining Resource Extraction color.gif 78.1
Petroleum/Natural Gas Activities Resource Extraction color.gif 51.0
Golf Courses Recreation And Tourism (Non-Boating) color.gif 48.6
Package Plant Or Other Permitted Small Flows Discharges Municipal Discharges/Sewage color.gif 20.1
Silviculture Activities Silviculture (Forestry) color.gif 19.1
Land Disposal Land Application/Waste Sites/Tanks color.gif 13.5
Highways, Roads, Bridges, Infrasturcture (New Construction) Construction color.gif 11.5
Drainage/Filling/Loss Of Wetlands Habitat Alterations (Not Directly Related To Hydromodification) color.gif 9.6
Animal Feeding Agric Agriculture color.gif 9.1
Recreation And Tourism Recreation And Tourism (Non-Boating) color.gif 2.6
Logging Roads Silviculture (Forestry) color.gif 1.9
Dredging (E.G., For Navigation Channels) Hydromodification color.gif .9

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Pennsylvania Causes of Impairment for Reporting Year 2006

Description of this table
NOTE: Click on the underlined Cause of Impairment Group to see a list of specific state causes of impairment making up the Cause of Impairment Group. See also Pollution categories summary document (PDF) (20 pp, 557K, About PDF) for brief, non-technical descriptions of general cause categories.
Size of Assessed Waters with Listed Causes of Impairment
Algal Growth 126.7
Ammonia 19.5
Cause Unknown 1,012.8
Chlorine 8.9
Dioxins 40.7
Flow Alteration(s) 1,803.1
Habitat Alterations 833.8
Mercury 936.7
Metals (other than Mercury) 5,163.9
Noxious Aquatic Plants 5.0
Nutrients 2,641.8
Oil and Grease 39.1
Organic Enrichment/Oxygen Depletion 1,370.2
Pathogens 189.5
Pesticides 201.6
pH/Acidity/Caustic Conditions 2,799.1
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) 917.8
Salinity/Total Dissolved Solids/Chlorides/Sulfates 182.1
Sediment 8,152.7
Taste, Color and Odor 17.3
Temperature 108.2
Total Toxics 89.4
Toxic Inorganics 79.7
Toxic Organics 81.3
Turbidity 224.9

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Pennsylvania Probable Sources Contributing to Impairments
for Reporting Year 2006

Description of this table
NOTE: Click on the underlined Probable Source Group to see a list of specific state Probable Sources making up the Probable Source Group.
Size of Assessed Waters with Probable Sources of Impairments
Agriculture 5,210.1
Atmospheric Deposition 370.1
Construction 380.7
Habitat Alterations (Not Directly Related To Hydromodification) 954.4
Hydromodification 1,047.4
Industrial 393.4
Land Application/Waste Sites/Tanks 13.5
Municipal Discharges/Sewage 521.3
Natural/Wildlife 181.1
Other 326.3
Recreation And Tourism (Non-Boating) 51.2
Resource Extraction 5,746.8
Silviculture (Forestry) 21.0
Unknown 2,173.7
Urban-Related Runoff/Stormwater 3,125.5

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Pennsylvania TMDL Alternatives by Cause of Impairment 2006

No TMDL Alternatives reported.

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