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2011 TRI Analysis: zip-code – 36081
Data Source: 2013 National Analysis dataset (released October 2014) (Updated Nov 24, 2014)

Map of TRI Facilities in ZIP Code 36081
Quick Facts for 2011
Number of TRI Facilities: 2
Facilities Reporting Newly Implemented Source Reduction: 0
Total On-site and Off-site Disposal or Other Releases: 36,718 lbs
Total On-site: 36,718 lbs
• Air: 36,718 lbs
• Water: 0 lbs
• Land: 0 lbs
Total Off-Site: 0 lbs
How does ZIP Code 36081 compare to the state of Alabama?
Number of TRI Facilities: 511 Total On- and Off-site Releases in Alabama: 84,438,187  lbs
ZIP Code 36081 accounts for 0.04% of total TRI releases in Alabama
Alabama ranks 15 out of 56 states/territories nationwide based on total releases per square mile (Rank 1 = highest releases)
What Large Aquatic Ecosystem does ZIP Code 36081 contribute to? This location is not within an area covered by an EPA administered Large Aquatic Ecosystem program.
What Industry contributes the most On-site Releases to ZIP Code 36081? Industry Sector 326 - Plastics and Rubber
Total On-site Releases:
Which facility contributes the most Total On- and Off-site Releases in ZIP Code 36081?
PERMACAST, Industry Sector 326 - Plastics and Rubber
This facility did not report pollution prevention activity during the year.
    To environmental medium: Air (36,718 lbs)
With a primary chemical release of: STYRENE
Representing 93% of total Air releases for this area

The following charts represent releases of TRI chemicals to the environment in the ZIP Code 36081 . A "release" of a chemical means that it is emitted to the air or water, placed in some type of land disposal, or transferred off-site for disposal or release. This page shows the industries with the biggest releases of TRI chemicals in the area, the quantities of TRI chemical released over time, and which chemicals are being released in the highest quantities to air, water, land and off-site transfers for disposal or release.

Top Five Chemicals by Environmental Medium
ZIP Code 36081, 2011

No Releases to Water

No Releases to Land

No Off-site Releases
Note: **=Carcinogenic Chemical

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