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Data Source: 2012 Data Update released March 2014 See Note     Instructions for printing wide reports

TRI On-site and Off-site Reported Disposed of or Otherwise Released (in pounds), for all 1 facilities, for facilities in All Industries, for ACETOPHENONE chemical, New Hampshire, 2012

Row # Facility Total On- and Off-site Disposal or Other Releases
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  Total 161,906

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Note: Reporting year (RY) 2012 is the most recent TRI data available. Facilities reporting to TRI were required to submit RY 2012 data to EPA by July 1, 2013. TRI Explorer is using an updated data set (released to the public in March 2014). This dataset includes revisions processed by EPA as of March 2014 for the years 1988 to 2012. Revisions submitted to EPA after this time are not reflected in TRI Explorer reports. TRI data may also be obtained through EPA Envirofacts.

Users of TRI information should be aware that TRI data reflect releases and other waste management activities of chemicals, not whether (or to what degree) the public has bee