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State: Kentucky
Waterbody ID: KY502979_00
Location: Mouth to Dry Fork
State Waterbody Type: River
EPA Waterbody Type: Rivers and Streams
Water Size: 2.3
Units: miles
Watershed Name: Lower Cumberland

Waterbody History Report

Data are also available for these years: 2008 2006 2004 2002

2010 Waterbody Report for Sandy Creek 0.0 to 2.3

Click on the waterbody for an interactive map

Water Quality Assessment Status for Reporting Year 2010

The overall status of this waterbody is Impaired.

Description of this table
Fish Consumption Aquatic Life Harvesting Not Assessed
Primary Contact Recreation Water Recreation Impaired
Secondary Contact Recreation Water Recreation Not Assessed
Warm Water Aquatic Habitat Fish, Shellfish, And Wildlife Protection And Propagation Not Assessed

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