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Web Taxonomy-Pollution Prevention Topics
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WBT - Pollution Prev Topics
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Web Taxonomy-Pollution Prevention Topics
Topical terms that describe various aspects of pollution prevention.
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Office of Environmental Information, Office of Information Analysis and Access
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Bullet Conservation - Preserving and renewing, when possible, human and natural resources. The use, protection, and improvement of natural resources according to principles that will ensure their highest economic or social benefits. [Terms of Env] 
Bullet Energy Efficiency - Refers to programs that are aimed at reducing the energy used by specific end-use devices and systems, typically without affecting the services provided. These programs reduce overall electricity consumption (reported in me [Energy Info Admin Glossary] 
Bullet Fuel Economy - Fuel economy refers to the average number of miles traveled per gallon of fuel consumed. 
Bullet Pollution Prevention - Identifying areas, processes, and activities which create excessive waste products or pollutants in order to reduce or prevent them through, alteration, or eliminating a process. Such activities, consistent with the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990, are conducted across all EPA programs and can involve cooperative efforts with such agencies as the Departments of Agriculture and Energy. [Terms of Env] 
Expand Renewable Energy - Energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible, unlike, for example, the fossil fuels, of which there is a finite supply. Renewable sources of energy include wood, waste, geothermal, wind, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy. 
Bullet Geothermal Energy - Hot water or steam extracted from geothermal reservoirs in the earth's crust. Water or steam extracted from geothermal reservoirs can be used for geothermal heat pumps, water heating, or electricity generation. [EIA Energy Glossary] 
Bullet Hydropower - Electrical energy produced by falling or flowing water. 
Bullet Solar Energy - Electromagnetic energy transmitted from the sun (solar radiation). The amount that reaches the earth is equal to one billionth of total solar energy generated, or the equivalent of about 420 trillion kilowatt-hours. 
Bullet Wind Power - Kinetic energy present in wind motion that can be converted to mechanical energy for driving pumps, mills, and electric power generators. 
Bullet Sustainable Development - Development that provides economic, social and environmental benefits in the long term having regard to the needs of living and future generations. Defined by the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987 as: development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. [GEMET-US] 
Expand Waste Reduction - Using source reduction, recycling, or composting to prevent or reduce waste generation. [Terms of Env] 
Bullet Composting - The controlled biological decomposition of organic material in the presence of air to form a humus- like material. Controlled methods of composting include mechanical mixing and aerating, ventilating the materials by dropping them through a vertical series of aerated chambers, or placing the compost in piles out in the open air and mixing it or turning it periodically. [Terms of Env] 
Bullet Recycling - The separation and collection of wastes, their subsequent transformation or remanufacture into usable or marketable products or materials, and the purchase of products made from recyclable materials. 
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