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Web Taxonomy-Regulatory & Industrial Topics
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WBT - Reg & Industrial Topics
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Web Taxonomy-Regulatory & Industrial Topics
Extensible list of topics related to industrial environmental issues and policies referred to or associated with content.
Enforcement & Compliance, Information Management/Systems, Laws, Regs, & Executive Orders
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Office of Environmental Information, Office of Information Analysis and Access
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Expand Compliance & Enforcement - Activities to help regulated entities meet federal requirements and to hold entities legally accountable for environmental violations. 
Expand Civil Enforcement - Brings parties responsible for violating environmental laws into compliance with those laws, and ranges from issuing a non-compliance letter to filing a legal action in state court. It does not involve criminal sanctions, but is used to obtain corrective actions (such as remediating a contaminated site) and, in many cases, civil penalties. 
Bullet Potentially Responsible Parties - Any individual or company--including owners, operators, transporters or generators--potentially responsible for, or contributing to a spill or other contamination at a Superfund site. Whenever possible, through administrative and legal actions, EPA requires PRPs to clean up hazardous sites they have contaminated. [Terms of Env] 
Bullet Compliance Assistance - Assistance provided to regulated communities to help them comply with environmental laws, including one-to-one counseling, online resource centers, fact sheets, guides and training. 
Expand Compliance Incentives - Policies and programs that eliminate, reduce or waive penalties under certain conditions for business, industry, and government facilities which voluntarily discover, promptly disclose, correct noncompliance, and prevent future environmental violations 
Bullet Auditing  
Bullet Compliance Monitoring - Compliance monitoring is one of the key components the Agency uses to protect human health and the environment by ensuring that the regulated community obeys environmental laws/regulations through on-site visits by qualified inspectors, and a review of the information EPA or a state/tribe requires to be submitted. 
Bullet Compliance Reporting  
Expand Criminal Enforcement  
Bullet Criminal Investigation & Surveillance  
Bullet Environmental Crimes & Violations  
Expand Permitting Programs - A program conducted by EPA or an approved Federal, state, or local agency that issues an authorization, license, or equivalent control document to implement the requirements of an environmental regulation; e.g., a permit to operate a wastewater treatment plant or to operate a facility that may generate harmful emissions. 
Bullet Allowance Trading - [A program whereby] sources can buy or sell allowances on the open market. Because the total number of allowances is limited by the cap, emission reductions are assured. 
Expand Regulated Facilities  
Bullet Federal Facilities  
Bullet Industrial Facilities & Systems  
Bullet Municipal Facilities & Systems  
Bullet School Environments  
Bullet Storage Tanks  
Expand Regulatory Development  
Bullet Policy & Guidance Development  
Bullet Public Comment Requests & Review  
Bullet Reporting Guidelines Development  
Bullet Standard Setting  
Expand Substances Management  
Bullet Environmental Fate - The destiny of a chemical or biological pollutant after release into the environment. [Terms of Env] 
Expand Pesticides Management - Regulation of the manufacture, use and sale of Pesticides by EPA and state governments. 
Expand Pest Management  
Bullet Integrated Pest Management - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) means the careful consideration of all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and keep pesticides and other interventions to levels that are economically justified and reduce or minimize risks to human health and the environment. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
Bullet Pesticide Registration & Reregistration - Pesticide registration is the process through which EPA examines the ingredients of a pesticide; the site or crop on which it is to be used; the amount, frequency and timing of its use; and storage and disposal practices. [Office of Pesticide Programs] 
Expand Radioactive Materials Management  
Bullet Nuclear Reactors - Devices which create heat and energy by starting and controlling atomic fission. [GEMET-US] 
Bullet Radiation Protection - Precautionary actions, measures or equipment implemented to guard or defend people, property and natural resources from the harmful effects of ionizing energy. [GEMET-US] 
Bullet Radioactive Materials Storage & Disposal  
Bullet Threshold Levels - Time-weighted average pollutant concentration values, exposure beyond which is likely to adversely affect human health. [Terms of Env] 
Expand Waste Management - The weight or volume of materials and products that enter the waste stream before recycling, composting, landfilling, or combustion takes place. Also can represent the amount of waste generated by a given source or category of sources. [Terms of Env] 
Bullet Hazardous Waste Identification  
Bullet Waste Generation  
Expand Waste Storage & Disposal  
Bullet Injection Wells - A method for final disposal of solid waste on land. The refuse is spread and compacted and a cover of soil applied so that effects on the environment (including public health and safety) are minimized. [Terms of Env] 
Bullet Landfills  
Bullet Waste Transport  
Bullet Waste Treatment  
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