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Information Management/Systems
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Office of Environmental Information, Office of Information Analysis and Access
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Bullet Announcements & Schedules - News, calendars, comment schedules, meeting agendas, requests for proposals, timelines, records schedules, chemical phaseout schedules, job announcements, etc. 
Bullet Collections & Lists - Lists of links, bibliographies, recommended resource lists, hubs, etc. 
Bullet Contact Information - A list of the addresses, phone/FAX numbers, and affiliations of a specific individual, group of people, companies, organizations, publications, etc. May include additional information such as professional titles or credentials. [adapted from the definition of directory in Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science found here: ] 
Bullet Data & Tools - Models, Methods, Maps, Data Files, Databases, Glossaries, Software, Tutorials, etc. 
Bullet Overviews & Factsheets - A brief statement or summary that presents the basic facts and information about a particular entity or idea in a concise form. Factsheets, Frequent Questions pages, Basic Info pages, etc. 
Bullet Policies & Guidance - Internal and external policies, guidance and guidelines related to agency operations and/or regulatory compliance & enforcement. Includes proposed rules, MOUs, Judicial Decisions, International Agreements, etc. 
Bullet Reports & Assessments - In-depth information, toxicity assessments, budgets, strategic plans, conference proceedings, reports to Congress, research reports, white papers, etc. 
Bullet Speeches, Testimony & Transcripts - Transcripts: Something that has been transcribed; a written record of dictated or recorded speech. [] A written record of dictated or recorded speech. Includes correspondence and press releases. 
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