Substance Details - Chemical oxygen demand

Core Metadata
Internal Tracking Number: 1641638
Substance Status: Approved
Physical Property
Chemical oxygen demand
Chemical Identification
Oxygen demand, chemical
Environmental Protection Agency Data Systems
A measure of the oxygen equivalent of the organic matter content of a sample that is susceptible to oxidation by a strong chemical oxidant, usually reported as COD as mg O2/L.
E1641638 has replaced E1641646. E1641638 has replaced E1641653. E1641638 has replaced E1641661. E1641638 has replaced E1641679. E1641638 has replaced E17132275. E1641638 has replaced E1647478. E1641638 has replaced E1641687. E1641638 has replaced E1642644.

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Statutes/Regulations Synonym Synonym Quality Effective Date End Date
CWA 304B COD Unknown
CWA 304B Chemical oxygen demand (COD) Unknown

EPA Applications/Systems

Other Sources
Other Sources Synonym Synonym Quality Effective Date End Date
SDWIS-Enviro COD mg/L Unknown
ChemIDStd Chemical oxygen demand Valid

Ad Hoc List
Ad Hoc List Synonym Synonym Quality Effective Date End Date
WDNR COD Unknown 03/27/2013

EPA Synonyms
EPA Synonym Synonym Synonym Quality Effective Date End Date
EPA Oxygen demand, chemical Valid

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