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EPA registers pesticides under Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). In addition, EPA periodically reevaluates pesticides to ensure their safety in light of new scientific and regulatory information. In this section you will find the primary documents produced to support the registration and review processes. In addition, you can click on the process icon below to filter the documents.

Note: If you are using versions 8 or 9 of Internet Explorer, links to some documents may take you to the regulations.gov home page, not the document you are seeking. If you experience this problem, try using another browser or later version of IE. Alternatively, you can right-click on the link and select either “open in a new window” or “copy the link,” which you would then paste into your browser.

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Azinphos-Methyl; Product Cancellation Order and Amendments To Terminate Uses; Amendment to Existing Stocks Provision Federal Register (FRN)11/28/2012Other
Azinphos-methyl Phaseout Fact Sheet09/13/2012Reregistration
Pesticide News Story: Azinphos-Methyl Uses Cancellation September 30, 2012; Use of Existing Stocks Allowed through September 2013 Related Document08/30/2012Other
Response to Comments on the Re-evaluation of the Grower Impacts of Cancelling Azinphos-methyl Related Document08/29/2012Other
Risk-Benefit Analysis for the Remaining Uses of Azinphos-methyl and Amendment of Existing Stocks Order Related Document08/29/2012Other
Pesticide News Story: Benefits Assessment on Insecticide Azinphos Methyl Related Document07/02/2012Other
Risks and Benefits for the Remaining Uses of Azinphos-methylRelated Document07/01/2012Other
Re-evaluation of the Grower Impacts of Cancelling Azinphos-methyl Related Document06/29/2012Other
On November 16, 2006, EPA issued its final decision on AZM to phase out all remaining uses by September 30, 2012. Since AZM is being phased out, no additional action is anticipated at this time in registration review. (PDF, 4 pp, 101K)Federal Register (FRN)12/17/2008Registration Review
Azinphos-Methyl (AZM) Registration Review StatusRelated Document10/28/2008Registration Review
Product Cancellation Order for AZM; Correction (PDF, 1 pp, 72K)Federal Register (FRN)03/26/2008Reregistration
Azinphos-methyl; Product Cancellation Order and Amendments to Terminate UsesFederal Register (FRN)02/20/2008Reregistration
Request to Voluntarily Cancel a Pesticide Registration; Notice of Receipt for AZINPHOS-METHYL (AZM) (PDF, 4 pp, 129K)Federal Register (FRN)08/08/2007Reregistration
Final Decisions for the Remaining Uses of Azinphos-methyl (PDF, 31 pp, 400K)Related Document11/16/2006Reregistration
Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) for Azinphos-methyl (azm) (PDF, 150 pp, 3MB)RED07/31/2006Reregistration
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